QUIZ: How Financially Healthy Are You?

1. I have a budget and have a clear understanding of what comes in and what goes out each month.
2. I pay off my credit cards in full each month.
3. I know the date my mortgage renews, the amortization period (years left to pay) and the interest rate I am being charged.
4. I have met with a mortgage broker in the last 36 months and am confident that I have been given the best mortgage possible.
5. I understand the difference between GOOD debt and BAD debt.
6. I know my credit score and what I need to do to maintain or improve my credit score.
7. I know the location and amounts of all my investments, including savings accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, business, stocks, term deposits, GICs and pension.
8. I understand the rate of return on all of my investments in the past year, five years, and ten years.
9. I have a good understanding of how to best utilize registered government savings programs and I am confident that they are helping me achieve my financial goals. (RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, RDSPs)
10. I meet regularly (once or twice/year) with a financial planner to ensure that my plans are on track and I am doing the right things with my hard earned money.
11. I either prepare my own tax returns OR review my tax returns with the person who prepares them.
12. I have reviewed my home and auto insurance in the past 24 months and am confident that in the event of a disaster, the value of my home and vehicle would be adequately covered.
13. I have reviewed my life and health insurance policies in the last past 24 months to see if they are both appropriate and cost effective for my situation.
14. I am confident that in the event of death, disability or critical illness, my family would be able to survive financially.
15. I have prepared a will, power of attorney and personal directive.
16. I know that I (and all members of my family) could easily locate all important personal and financial documents within a 24 hour period.


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