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We have been working with Ellie Orsten to come up with some life insurance options to reduce our costs when our existing policy renews next fall. We are thrilled with the options provided, as they were beyond our expectations as we were not sure how we would be eligible for coverage due to an existing health condition.

What we really appreciated the most was Ellie’s knowledge of the product being quoted on and the professionalism she displayed while working around our busy schedules to meet with us to discuss our options.

Ken & Sue


Ellie has been the best advisor we have ever used. She is helpful, explains everything clearly, and is willing to answer each and every question we have. She also makes us think about what our short term and long term goals are and how to make the best decisions based on where we want to go in life and how we want to set ourselves up for the future. We could not recommend her enough!

Jerred and Nicole


I was introduced to Ellie and Judy through my membership with the BNI key connections group.  As a new member they made me feel welcome and supported me in learning the ropes.   It didn't take long for me to realize that these were very wonderful trustworthy women. I currently have a health benefits plan now thanks to Ellies efforts to find coverage for a single person in business.  Judy is currently helping me with my retirement planning portfolio. I would recommend them and in fact do on a regular basis.

What inspires me more about these two women is there compassion and caring for people in the community both are involved in various charities or service projects that benefit youth and disabled people.



An absolute star in my mind. No hidden agenda with everything to offer, from financial advice to personal.

A close friend introduced me to Judy about 5 years ago now, when my life was falling apart.

It has taken time and a lot of patience, to make me realize, certain things have to get put into place, to protect myself and family, but with Judy’s guidance and talking through it all, that goal was achieved.

It’s a pleasure to visit with Judy. There is never any pressure to deal with something that you don’t quite understand and she will always explain in detail and put your mind at ease.



I’m feeling as if a weight is off my shoulders because my financial future is  no longer a constant worry.  It’s been said that everybody makes enough money, but it’s how you manage it that matters most. I know that my financial health matters to Judy.  Judy is informed and easy to talk to, and I feel fortunate to have met her and to have her on  my side.



Since my husband and I began working with Judy we have significantly changed our level of knowledge of our investments and our financial profile.  In our first meetings we worked on a chart to clarify what was important to us personally and set our goals based on our findings. We have generated more income, helped our sons with their education and transition to employment, completed a renovation and set up a travel budget.  We have a new plan for retirement which is 10 years away.  Judy has helped us to make good decisions while respecting what was important to us.  If you want to get your family financially healthy Judy is very supportive and an amazing planner!



Whenever a friend asks if I can recommend a financial advisor, I always tell them to go see Judy. She helped me sort out all the elements of a solid financial plan that has given me peace of mind and allowed me to create wealth through solid investments that suit my investing profile. I never feel pressured to buy anything or do anything that doesn’t fit with the direction I want to go.



Connecting with a financial planner who is knowledgeable, forthright and passionate about what she does has enabled me to move into semi-retirement, confident and worry free. She listened carefully and worked out a plan that accounts for my age, expectations, and goals. It’s right on track and I’m so grateful for the peace of mind.



When serious illness strikes and you have to leave your employment, the last thing you have the energy or time for is worrying about the loss of your income…how will the bills be paid?…the groceries, gas for the car? How will you pay for your kids’ sports, dance classes, music lesson? Will they have to quit their activities because of the decrease in disposable income at a time when it is crucial to try to keep some normalcy in your family’s life?

Lucky for me I did not have this concern when I got sick last year.  Judy had, only 2 years prior, explained the benefits of critical illness insurance to me and set me and my husband up with appropriate policies.  Never did I think I would have to access it, but, as the old adage goes, ‘never say never’.  The moment Judy heard of my plight, she set to work initiating the process to invoke the critical illness policy. She made the whole process very easy and took care of everything in her professional, trustworthy manner. The only thing I had to do was concentrate on getting better.

Canada is full of people, many of them single parents, who face a debilitating disease and do not have the means to support themselves and their dependants through the very stressful time.  A critical illness insurance policy provides peace of mind and Judy did that for me.



Judy helped me in the most difficult time in both her and my life.  She helped with the details of setting my husbands (her brother) estate.  Judy, although very connected to my life, remained professional to help with all the overwhelming details that needed to be taken care of.  She continues to help me make the next best decision for investments, health insurance and long term care insurances.  I know that by being pro-active now, down the road will make these decisions easier for my sons.  Judy is very helpful and no question has even been a foolish question.  She has always taken the time to walk me through yet another financial form I don’t understand.



I started with Judy in my early 20′s when she said she could help me do better at managing my money. She was right.  I was able to understand what my money was doing for me and how I could make it work better for me. It wasn’t just sitting there in the bank doing nothing, like it had done for the last five years.

Judy was able to tell if RRSPs would be a good idea for me at my age, after looking a my short term and long term goals and my current financial situation.  She was able to help me determine the benefits of RRSPs as well as how much she thought I would be comfortable contributing to RRSPs. Judy asked all the right question to make sure I was investing in the right things.  Judy is also helping me be aware of the dreams I have for my future and making sure I have the ability to reach them by investing in things that are more long term.

I am now in my early 30s and I feel like anything is possible. Thanks to Judy.



Judy is someone of trust and integrity, we honestly do not worry about my investment portfolio because we know Judy is on top of it. Since working with Judy over the last two and a half years, we have all of our personal insurance and investments and now all of my business insurance and soon investments with her. Judy is unique in her approach in that she takes the time to get to know you so she can better understand what your needs are. Thank you for all you do Judy.

Kristie and Trevor



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