Cash Flow and
Investment Planning

Before we can plan your investments, it is important that we understand what is important to you. Spending patterns can be a good indicator of what you value most, but it can require some intentionality to ensure that your money goes to what you value. Everyone is different in their lifestyles, interests and hobbies. We will ask you about your budget for this reason. We want to make sure that your investment plan aligns with your values and goals.

Life and Health
Insurance Planning

You are your family’s most valuable asset. If you owned a tree that produced money, you would likely insure it against damage and loss. Your ability to produce an income is no different, especially if you have loved ones that rely on your income producing abilities. As part of your plan we will evaluate your income needs and provide you with recommendations that will help sustain you and your family should you encounter an unplanned event. We provide solutions for failures of health which may include life, critical illness, disability and travel insurance.

Retirement and
Estate Planning

After years of accumulation you may wonder “Will I have enough?” You may have been saving for decades and now it may seem overwhelming to factor in all the variables of retirement cash flow planning. We want you to enjoy your wealth and will develop a plan that shows you what you can spend or what you need to do to meet your retirement lifestyle requirements.

Group Benefits
& Savings Plans

Whether you are an employer looking to attract and retain employees or looking to get health and dental coverage for yourself, we have offerings to service both small and large companies. With access to a large variety of carriers, we seek to find the best fit for you and your organization. We also structure group savings plans for employers to offer to their valued employees.

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We make it a priority to understand what is important to you.

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We work for you, not one specific company.

We want to celebrate your financial success by working with you for the long-term.

With the broad skill set of our team, we are able to service diverse needs in a no-pressure environment.

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Financial Health Associates in Lethbridge provides many different types of cash flow plan to help you with retirement planning and estate planning. Whether you are interested in mutual funds or a group savings plan, we can help you come up with an investment plan that not only will provide you with a comfortable retirement but also won’t negatively impact your normal day to day living expenses.

Before you speak to another financial services company, contact Financial Health Associates. We are Lethbridge’s choice for retirement & estate planning services. Please browse our site to learn more and when you are ready to visit our contact page or give us a call.


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